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Holistic treatments, or complimentary therapies as they are also known, are designed to improve health, strengthen and recharge the body and mind using natural remedies.

Currently there is a growing attraction to these treatments as a source of relaxation, and that is why more and more beauty salons and spas are offering holistic treatment packages.

There are many different holistic therapies to choose from including acupuncture, Thai massage, sound therapy, and spiritual healing, but detailed below are the main types of treatment, which are available at beauty salons across the UK.

First up is Reiki, which focuses on the body’s life force that is responsive to thoughts and feelings. This therapy heals by flowing positive energy through areas of the body affected by negative thoughts to restore a sense of calmness and serenity to the body and mind. Reiki is also thought to boost energy levels and lifts spirit levels to bring your life back into balance.

Another hugely popular holistic treatment is aromatherapy, which uses essential oils from plants to promote a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. Massage, bathing, vaporisation and inhalation are the main types of treatment associated with aromatherapy, and all work with the body to bring about a feeling of relaxation and calmness.

Next up is colour therapy, or Aura Soma as it is also known, which uses coloured oils and crystals to allow you to connect with your inner feelings. As well as beating stress and fatigue, colour therapy can also help to heal difficulties from your past or present lives that may be causing depression or imbalance in your life.

Each of the colours in the therapy represent different feelings and needs in your inner self, and so the colours you choose may help you to recognise deeper feelings so you can deal with them and bring inner calm to your being.

Practised for more than 4,000 years, reflexology works by activating and supporting the body’s natural healing mechanisms. The treatment is based on the knowledge that there are points on the feet and hands that correspond to organs, systems, and structures within the body. Special pressure techniques are used to stimulate the points on the feet and hands to release blockages and restore the body’s natural energy flow. Reflexology is used to treat a number of conditions such as stress, headaches, migraines and digestive disorders.

Finally, the other extremely popular holistic treatment is Indian head massage, which will leave you leaving deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. This treatment normally starts with the deep kneading and probing of the neck and shoulder muscles, before the head is worked with the scalp being squeezed, rubbed, gently tapped and prodded. Your hair, pressure points, ears and finally the face are also massaged.

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