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If youíre in need of a little of pampering but donít know how to justify the expense to the man in your life, then read on for our favourite excuses that will baffle your fella and leave you to enjoy some guilt-free beauty treats:

Firstly thereís the classic Ďitís a special occasioní excuse. If youíre preparing for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or any other type of celebration then itís important to look glamorous on the big day. And obviously to look your best you need a manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, and tanning treatment in the couple of weeks beforehand.

If you are not planning any kind of special occasion, and just want an excuse to enjoy a relaxing beauty treatment on a Saturday afternoon then why not blame it on a celebrity. Oh yeah, these days itís totally justified to copy your favourite actress, singer, model or reality TV star, and if she happen to go for a weekly pedicure then all the better. And if your man is still not convinced just tell him, if using this product or having that treatment will help you look like Catherine Zeta Jones, Cat Deeley, Natalie Imbruglia or Jennifer Aniston, then itís only going to make him look better among his friends!

So, youíre still feeling guilty about booking that facial are you? Well take heart in the fact that itís a lot cheaper than many other relaxation or beauty treatments Ė like plastic surgery or an exotic holiday. Feel better now? Yeah, we thought you might.

OK saying itís cheaper than a facelift might not go down so well with your partner, we still have a couple more excuses up our sleeve. One such technique is to point out pretty women in the street and say: ďLook sheís obviously had a facial (or massage, or manicure, or whatever it is you want) and look what itís done for her. If I have that treatment I could look just as wonderful.Ē Chances are your fella will like the idea of that.

Finally, you could tell the man in your life that if you have this beauty treatment then youíll feel a lot happier and wonít nag him quite so much. Luckily thatís what every man longs to hear and luckier still thereís plenty of research to back up your claim. So go on, book that guilt-free beauty treatment now.

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