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When it comes to beauty regimes, our feet are often left out in the cold. But treating your feet to a little (or even a lot) of pampering can actually make all the difference to your wellbeing.

We obviously spend a lot of time on our feet, whether we’re standing behind a counter all day, running a marathon, doing a workout or simply walking to the shops and back. So it’s no surprise then that our feet often become as sore, tired and stressed as the rest of our body.

If you’re feet are feeling worse for wear then it’s time to head down to your local beauty salon and give them the pampering they deserve. There are many different types of treatments for feet, from pedicures to massages to reflexology, and here are just a few of the most popular ones:

Luxury pedicure – designed to exfoliate and remove hard skin, this treatment usually involves a foot spa, deep exfoliation and cuticle treatment, a foot massage, and finally nail shaping and polish.

Spa pedicure - involves removing hard skin and shaping and polishing nails, but also relaxes the feet, legs (and mind) with a foot scrub and mask followed by a foot massage. This is perfect if you have tired, aching feet and legs, and want a treatment to make them feel like new.

Mini pedicure – designed for those on the go; this quick pedicure involves a simple foot soak, the removal of hard skin and nail shaping and polish. You could even ask for it to be even quicker by just having the shape and polish.

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